About the Fresh Owner!

Proud Mother of 4 beautiful boys, Human Resource Professional,Commissioner and Entrepreneur is just the beginning blueprint for the Owner and Founder of "Fresh Squeeze Fashions." Β 

Born in Boston Massachusetts, with a degree in Social Science when the family moved to the Oakland, Bay Area this female boss had no idea what life would present. Β Growing up with 5 older brothers femininity was still maintained, and fashion style to date, has always been a conversation piece. Β 

Although maintaining a great career in Human Resources, a call to fashion has always lingered. Β With a mother that hand sewed and created her clothes, including Halloween costumes, the world of fashion was bound to circle back.

Fresh Squeeze Fashions is a website of clothing to allow all women, of all different sizes to enhance the beauty they currently posses, to shine even brighter. Β 

All women deserve to feel fresh, fine, and fabulous!

*Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (KJV)