"Sweet Toes" Pineapple Sandals🍍
"Sweet Toes" Pineapple Sandals🍍

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"Sweet Toes" Pineapple Sandals🍍

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If you are a woman who loves to stand out in a crowd, you are going to love these cute women’s pineapple-themed sandals!

The footbeds come in a bright engineered leather, featuring cute white and gold checks on the sides of the 3/4″ soles.

These sandals are a slide style that are easy to put on and take off. Featuring a ruffled strap made of engineered leather, which reaches over the tops of the feet near the ankles, and have a decorative pearl pineapple over the large toe.

This sandals provide a fun and flirty accent. These comfortable shoes will go with many items in your casual spring and summer wardrobe and will provide a fun, unique look that you will love.